EDGE Improv


EDGE Improv heads into it's 10th year of offering top quality impro workshops in Brisbane this March.

With trainers with combined experience of over 30 years, our workshops are second to none. EDGE is also the only company in Brisbane offering specialised longform and game based impro workshops.EDGE runs regular rounds of impro workshops for those who want to learn more about impro... be it for acting skill, personal development or just plain old fun!

They are open for people of all ages and skill levels, and are a great fun way to expand your skills, improve your self confidence, or just have fun!

There are three different courses being offered this year:


To book for workshops, or for more information, call (07) 3369 5058 or email workshops@edgeimprov.com


Impro Workshops

About the Teacher:

Brad Daniels


These classes are perfect for people who have had little or no previous impro experience, but want to see what the fuss is about!

These workshops teach you the basics of improvisation... teamwork, listening and being in the moment, as well as a heap of fun impro games. And they’re taught in a friendly, fun atmosphere.

Besides giving you a firm grounding in impro skills, these classes help with communication, team-work and problem solving skills, and also help build self confidence and thinking on your feet.

These classes consist of five weekly 4 hour classes.


Courses Offered


These classes are for people who have taken the intro classes or have equivalent experience.

Google long-form improv and you’ll see all kinds of famous names Like Tina Fey, Mike Meyers and Tim Meadows, and other famous comedians from shows like The Office and Saturday Night Live. In this course you’ll learn collaborative Chicago-style impro techniques performed around the world including “The Harold,” from someone who’s been performing long-form improv since 1996. Increase your abilities to be present, listen to your scene partners, follow impulses, and play from a place of honesty. The course includes a performance in the last class - your induction into EDGE’s Harold Club.

Beginners and more experienced performer are all welcome to the classes, which offers a fresh perspective on improvisation. These classes consist of five weekly 4 hour classes.



These classes are for people who have completed the Intro and/or Longform classes (or equivalent) and are looking for new learning opportunities. They will introduce advanced impro skills and directed improvisation, including the Gorilla Theatre format.
This is recommended for any performer looking to strengthen their impro skills or looking for new, enjoyable approaches to impro.
The workshops look at specific skills used in improvisation and other acting, as well as some of the different approaches to improv. There are workshops on characterisation, stagecraft, and even the mysterious “Zen of Impro”. 
These classes consist of five weekly 4 hour classes.